Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Banner graphics: back in the days 1

Banner graphics: back in the days 2

Big first ever Kpop bias group ever. They were and still is very awesome. This banner was of course just for me lol.
G-Dragon and Gayo. I was so obsessed with him back in high school xD. This was during his heartbreaker album promotion with his blonde hair and his new dog. So cute. The dog got so popular that it got on to various variety shows with GD. lol it was puppy love x3
This was commissioned for a DBSK fan from She provided all the pictures and I just worked with it. I think it was my first banner commission on gaia. Not really a fan of DBSK. They broke up now and now there's JYJ but anyways, that was a random thought XD
Someone commissioned this on They were such a fan of G-Dragon (Big bang) just like me so I rather enjoyed making this for her. So much experimental stuff went down on this when ti came to the coloring and all.
I remember that I actually did this for a mini little contest in a sasunaru guild I joined on They were doing those happy valentines day contest. I didn't expect to win. okay maybe a little...I worked hard on this to and I loved how it all came out. I think I won 10k gold but I'm not sure. But anyways, blue is so my favorite color haha.
Oh the bias. lol I worked on this one sparingly. One thing at a time with a lot of mistakes in between lol. I had to restart about 2 times but when I got everything together it was awesome. Except for the quality. Stupid photoshop cs3 can't put out better looked so much better on photoshop but it doesn't matter.Taemin's awesome and I love the design I made

Song on repeat 1: Park Ji Yoon- In my fading memory

Very beautiful song. Even though I don't understand any of the words, I'm tempted to look up the lyrics. In all honesty, I never heard of her before but I'm glade I stumbled upon this song in one of the forums on